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The Tiffen Image Maker People Filter Kit can turn a simple portrait into a more flattering and successful image. With these filters, you have much more control over your subject's appearance. By choosing a tone that accentuates the face and body tones, or by adding a touch of warmth, your subject will appear in the best. "light" 

Nude F/X Filter
The Nude F/X filter is available in a series of skin tone enhancing grades. With these filters, you can achieve a level of control over skin tones heretofore unattainable. Now, you can honestly compliment your subject by giving them a more accurate image of themselves. With a choice of 6 skin tones to choose from, you can give your subject a more flattering appearance thereby enhancing your interview or presentation.

The effects of the Nude/FX are seen more substantially with digital and video applications.

812 Filter
The 812 filter improves skin tones and is ideal for portraits taken on a cloudy day or outdoors in shade on a sunny day.

When your subject needs just that little extra touch of "pink" in their face, the Tiffen 812 can save the day. This filter makes the difference between a portrait that seems "washed out" and flat or one that is so much more flattering to your subject.

Nude F/X Filter

The Nude/FX filters are perfect for head shots, close-ups and whenever a lot of skin is showing in the image with minimal effect on the rest of the scene

Combining the Nude/FX filter with one of Tiffen's Diffusion or Glimmerglass filters provides the best of both worlds - beautiful, warm customized skin tones, and silky smooth skin without the unwanted wrinkles and blemishes

812 Warming Filter

Ideal for portraits or scenery

Absorbs blue cast often caused by electronic flash

Adds warmth to pale washed-out flesh tones

Warmer results than the Skylight 1-A filter

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