IDX 4x DUO-C150P Batteries, 1x VL-4X Charger, with 4 pin XLR DC output (90W)

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4x DUO-C150P Batteries, 1x VL-4X Charger, with 4 pin XLR DC output (90W)

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IDX ED-CP150P/4X (EDCP150/4X) 4 x DUO-C150P Batteries, 1 x VL-4X 2+2 Charger. 


IDX introduces the next generation in the popular DUO-C Series, the DUO-CP Series. This advanced version offers power taps like those found in the DUO Series for powering accessories. Newly added non-proprietary USB-C PD port for two-way power delivery and charging when used with the new UC-PD1 compact charger, and of course via D-Tap advanced with the VL-DT1. The UC-PD1 can be used with other portable devices. An an viral and an microbial body for hygienic peace of mind.

The DUO-C150P is the successor of the popular DUO-C150 battery. Ideal compact battery solution for digital cinema cameras and camera stabilizer systems where long runtimes are required. With 145Wh capacity, the DUO-C150P meets the passenger aircraft carry-on limit and can still provide mobile power to cine-style cameras such as the ARRI ALEXA Mini and RED Weapon effortlessly for extended periods at a time. The DUO-C150P also includes two on-battery D-Taps and now features a USB-C port to power accessories as well as charge the battery. Also, V-Torch LED for use in dark environments and SMBus to display battery info via viewfinder on cameras such as ARRI and RED.


The VL-4X is a compact, lightweight, four channel (2+2) simultaneous v-mount charger. The VL-4X will charge a total of four batteries with any two simultaneously. The included AC adapter can also be used as a 90W DC power supply. The VL-4X has many standard safety features, including a recovery charge mode that allows low voltage battery cells to be charged safely.

The VL-4X is a slim, lightweight, affordable 4-channel charger. Dual Simultaneous/Sequential feature charges up to 4 batteries total with any 2 simultaneously. The included AC adapter doubles as a 90W DC power supply.

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