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179Wh Kapazität, 12 A / 155 W Dauerstrom, 80W D-Tap-Ausgang ungeregelt ...

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neuer IDX CUE-H 180 V-Mount Akku, bietet 179 Wh Kapazität, ein verbauter D-Tap-Anschluss ermöglicht die Stromversorgung von Zubehörteilen bis zu einer Last von 80W.


: 179Wh Kapazität

: 12 A / 155 W Dauerstrom

: 14,8 V / 12,16 Ah / 180 Wh

: 80W D-Tap-Ausgang ungeregelt

: Überspannungs -, Überlade -, Entladeschutz

: vollständig kompatibel mit allen ENDURA V-Mount Ladegeräten & Zubehör

In The Box

: 4x IDX CUE-H 180

Key Features

: Lithium-Ion V-Mount Battery

: 179Wh Capacity, up to 12A Draw

: 1 x D-Tap Output, 4-LED Power Gauge

: 14.8 to 16.8 VDC Output Voltage

Power your camera or other pro video equipment with the CUE-H180 179Wh Compact Li-Ion V-Mount Battery from IDX System Technology. The battery can supply up to 16.8 VDC to the plate, and it can also provide up to 80W to power accessories through the integrated D-Tap output. CUE-H180 batteries feature a nominal voltage of 14.8 VDC, a maximum output voltage of 16.8 VDC, and a maximum 12A draw.

CUE-H-series batteries feature an even higher capacity than their CUE-D predecessor while maintaining the same internal pack design that isolates it for reliability and safety. There is also built-in prevention of overcharging, overdischarging, or overcurrent. IDX CUE-H180 batteries should be charged using IDX-branded chargers; third-party chargers may not charge CUE-H180 batteries correctly.

In the Box

4x CUE-H180 Compact Li-Ion V-Mount Battery

The CUE-H180 V-Mount battery answers to the power demands of digital cinematography and broadcast cameras where high current loads of 12A/155W are standard. The CUE-H180 provides a robust 155Wh capacity with the ability to comfortably handle 12A/155W loads, as well as a single built-in D-Tap output capable of taking a 80W load for powering ancillary accessories.

*Not compatible with D-Tap charging


Celebrating its third decade of service to the global production community, IDX is a premier manufacturer and supplier of Lithium Ion battery/power systems, HD wireless video transmission solutions, V-Mount technology and more to the broadcast and professional video industry. IDX is the world’s first company to utilize Lithium Ion power in broadcast applications and the first manufacturer to comply with international safety and environmental requirements.

IDX’s mission is to develop products that professionals can use with confidence and convenience. By offering the highest quality of product and world-class service, IDX’s customers are allowed to operate their equipment as expected and concentrate solely on capturing and creating.

From IDX’s award winning battery systems to its ground-breaking wireless HD video transmission systems, you can be confident that IDX and its products will continue to meet the ever-changing demands and challenges of the industry. Rest assured that any IDX product you choose will stand the test of time.


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