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Zephyr HD, Sled, VL-Mount, Traglast von 4-10,4kg-, ZEBXHMBVZZ + C-Stand American Heavy Duty, FGS-900073 ...

3-4 Werktage

Set: Zephyr HD, Sled, VL-Mount, ZEBXHMBVZZ + C-Stand American Heavy Duty, FGS-900073

C-Stand American Heavy Duty, FGS-900073

American Heavy duty "C" stand. Works with:

: Ultra2c

: Ultra2

: Ultra

: Phantom

: Clipper_312

: Zephyr


Traglast von 4-10,4kg, HD-Ausführung, Arm-Vest-Sled-Monitor,  Zephyr Vest, 7in HD Monitor, Hard Case & Accessories - VL-Mount (ZEBXHMBVZZ)

Steadicam Zephyr HD System with Zephyr Sled, A-30 Arm, Zephyr Vest, 7in HD Monitor, Zephyr Arm & Vest, Hard Case & Accessories - VL-Mount (ZEBXHMBVZZ). The Zephyr incorporates the same revolutionary features that previously won the coveted DV Professional Association’s “Best of Show” at NAB for Steadicam.

“Style, functionality,  flexibility and affordability all wrapped within the new Steadicam Zephyr. A combination of innovative features derived from our popular PILOT, FLYER, and Archer 2 Steadicam systems now allows an excel in the range of operating possibilities.

A new innovative approach to camera stabiliser design, the Steadicam Zephyr has a host of “future proof” features that allow it to be a versatile and an ever-evolving essential tool for camera stabilisation needs.

The new Zephyr vest design incorporates adjustable and pivoting shoulder buckles to assure a new comfort level for extended use.

New vest and pad covers are easily removed for cleaning or replacement offering extended durability.

The new tools-free patented Iso-Elastic stabiliser Zephyr Arm has...

Lieferumfang / In the box:

1x Camera Mounting Chassis (Sled)

1x Telescopic Centrepost

1x 7" HD LCD Monitor with Anti-Reflection Coating

1x Iso-Elastic Arm with Camera Capacity up to 9.07kg

1x Lightweight Zephyr Vest

1x Battery Mount

1x No-Tools Vernier Stage

1x Hard Case with Handle and Wheels

1x 2' Lightweight BNC Video Cable

1x BNC to RCA Adapter

1x RAC to BNC Adapter

1x Docking Bracket

1x 12V Power Cable

1x Dovetail Plate

1x Owner's Manual

1x Four Start Weights

1x Four Middle Weights


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