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About PAG Link:

PAG is best known for providing batteries, chargers and on-board camera lighting, for broadcasters, production companies, hire companies, freelancers, cinematographers, videographers, the military and civil authorities.

Industry Pioneers

PAG is one of the industry’s longest established battery manufacturers. The company began designing and manufacturing production and post-production equipment for the film industry in 1968. In the early 1980s PAG entered the broadcast television arena with power products for the the first portable electronic cameras.

  •  PAGlok was one of the industry’s earliest battery mounting systems, and is still in use today.
  •  PAG pioneered microcomputer-controlled fast-charging for broadcast camera batteries. It had previously been believed that fast-charging was dangerous and would reduce battery life; PAG proved the opposite was possible.

Technological Innovation

PAG has always maintained its own Research & Development facility, which is responsible for the world-leading technology that is embodied throughout its product range today:

  •  PAGlink is the only system that enables you to link multiples of batteries for charge or discharge.
  •  PAG’s unique charging software is the best for extending battery life.
  •  Paglight is the only on-board camera light designed for use with multiple lighting technologies.


Premier Quality

PAG endeavours to create the highest quality product for the market. The name ‘PAG’ on a battery, charger or camera light is an assurance that only the best materials have been used in its construction, and that it has been designed to have the longest possible service life.

The Best Value for Money In The Industry

PAG offers technologically advanced, high-quality products at a competitive price. Our total battery design philosophy ensures the longest possible working life. Some customers have reported 7 years use from their PAG Li-Ion batteries, which is well in excess of the industry average. PAG guarantees its PAGlink Li-Ion batteries for 3 years, with no restrictions on the conditions of use. When the already attractive price is divided by the number of years service provided, we believe that PAG batteries offer the best value for money in the industry.





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