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Pad Prompter fuer 15mm Rohre Leichtstütze / Pad Prompter (15mm rails) ...

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PAD Prompter aus Kanada, leichtes System, leichter und schneller Aufbau.

ideale Apps: Teleprompter + 3 and PROMPTSMART PRO.

Pad Prompter Ausführung fuer 15mm Rohre Leichtstütze / Pad Prompter (15mm rails model).
Einsetzbar für Ipad und ähnliche Anbieter. Zubehör wie abgebildet inkl. 15Mm Rohraufnahme.
Optional Teleprompter App.

Dimensions: 12.5 x 10.0 x 1.2" / 32.0 x 25.0 x 3.0 cm

Weight: 1.2 lb / 544.3 g

Packaging Info:
Package Weight: 5.0 lb
Box Dimensions  17.0 x W 12.5 H x 3.2"

Product Highlights

_ Collapsible, Compact Tablet Prompter

_ Supports All iPads and Tablets up to 10“

_ Designed to be Mounted On Light Stands

_ Place Camera On Tripod from Behind

_ Lift Open Top Cover, Insert Tablet

_ 70/30 Beamsplitter Glass

_ Folds Flat to 1.2" Thick for Transport

_ Includes Anti-Glare Cloth Hood

_ Carry Case Included


The Pad Prompter for 15mm Rigs, from Onetakeonly, is a compact tablet teleprompter designed to be attached to the front of your 15mm camera rig with included rods and rod adapters. It's meant to be used attached to your rig while your rig is mounted on a tripod. It supports all iPads measuring up to 10" diagonally, including iPad mini (iPad Pro is not supported). It also supports all other similarly sized tablets. When you remove all the rods and rod adapters, you can collapse the Pad Prompter to a flat 1.2" thick, making it very easy to carry in most bags or simply in your hands. (A camera rig is not included. All you'll need at minimum is a tripod-mount baseplate with 15mm rods.)

The top cover lifts open in front of the lens, offering a lens opening to position your lens to. Your tablet inserts in place of the top cover, and the included 70/30 beamsplitter glass installs into the top cover right in front of the lens opening and can be kept in there even during transport. A cloth hood is also included for covering the lens opening to block unnecessary light. It is designed to be attached to the top cover by optional touch fasteners.

All you'll need in addition is a prompting software. If you're using an iPad, you can use any iPad-compatible software available at the Apple App Store. If you're using any other type of tablet, you can use any software compatible with that tablet. A soft carry case is also included for transport.


Key Features

_ Compact and collapsible iPad teleprompter for all iPads up to 10", including iPad mini (iPad Pro not supported)

_ Also supports all other tablets of similar size

_ Designed to be attached to the front of your camera rig with included 15mm rods and rod adapters

_ Can also be mounted on light stands

_ Tablet inserts in place of the top cover after the top cover is lifted open for use

_ 70/30 beamsplitter glass installs into the top cover and can be housed there even in transport

_ Folds flat to 1.2" thick for transport

_ Cloth hood included for blocking unnecessary light

_ Use any prompting software compatible with your tablet

_ Carry case / softbag included


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