MYT WORKS Standard Skater Kit, Michell Mount , #1437

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with Mitchell Mount, load capacity of 80 lbs / 36,3 kg ...

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load capacity of 80 lbs / Traglast 36,3 kg ...


Mounting options galore
More 1/4"-20, 3/8"-16 and 1/2"-13 threads than you can actually count. With holes for sash-cord and through-hole 3/8" slots for compatibility with other equipment, the Constellation doubles as one of the most sophisticated rigging plates out there. Choose between 75 and 100 mm Doughnuts, Flat Mount and Mitchell Mount options for use with any camera head.

Hi-Hat compatibility (This Model has Mitchell Mount)
Already own a Glide? Like the 3-in-1? Now try 4-in-1. The Level 5 supports both Small and Medium/Large Hi-Hats. Mount the Hi-Hat directly via SRP Locking Bolts or MYT Works quick release Duplex accessory. But the similarities don't end there- many of their accessories for the Glide Line also work for the Galaxy Line! The modularity of the Hi-Hat gives the operator tremendous freedom. The top mount may be quickly changed between 75 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm, Mitchell or Flat Mount configurations to accommodate nearly any type of camera head. The stackable step rod legs may be exchanged to bring the camera package either higher or lower.

Industry standard speed rail
Each of MYT Works Galaxy Line Skater Dollies runs on standard 1-1/4" aluminum pipe (1.660" outside diameter). Need to travel light? Purchase rail from a local hardware store or rental house at your destination. Increase the length of travel by linking rail sections via MYT Works Speed Rail Connectors. Then simply place Middle Truss Supports as needed.

Aluminum end truss
Mount Baby Feet directly to the underside of the Trusses at a 15-degree angle or mount a 5/8" light stand, c-stand or baby pin to the receiver directly. Utilize a Truss-to-Tripod Adapter and place the system on a tripod of your choice. MYT Works take great pride in the workmanship and quality of each one of their systems. All of MYT Works products are built to last and the Glide is no exception. Made of anodized aluminum and stainless steel, all of the components are incredibly robust and built to handle the rigors of production work. MYT Works are also proud to be Made in America. All of MYT Works custom components are designed, machined and assembled in the New York City and Tri-State area.

Galaxy line
The Galaxy Line is based on the MYT Works ethos: more functionality with less equipment. It is not only a modern take on the ubiquitous skateboard dolly but also a full-feature camera rigging and support system. Fully modular, each system packs in one case for ease of transport. Carry the rails with you or procure them on location: no longer must a filmmaker travel with oversized, proprietary dolly rail sections. In need of an usually long run? Simply stack the rails together. Small cameras or large, low shots or high, static setups or dolly moves, the Galaxy Line is meant to be a go-to tool for all filmmakers.

MYT Works: Level 5 Portable Camera Dolly Skater Assembly

In The Box

1 x  Level 5 Skater Dolly Plate

4 x  Skater Modules

1 x  Level 5 End Support (2pk)

1 x  Mitchell Flush Plate

2 x  1/4"-20 Bullseye Levels

**PLEASE NOTE: Rails are not included in purchase. Images are for display purposes only**

Achieve smooth, precise camera motion with the most versatile and durable rigging tools in the industry. The Level 5 skater dolly can handle a load capacity of 80 lbs yet it is lightweight and compact enough for ease of transport. Skater dollies run on any length of speed rail and the skater plate is a flexible, industrial grade rigging tool that accommodates all industry standard connections. The intuitive design means no cumbersome tools or instructions are required for setup or breakdown. Modular and multi-purpose parts prepare you for every setup configuration and deliver compatible parts that don't become obsolete with upgrades. All MYT Works products are designed, manufactured and assembled in New York City from machined, non-corrosive aluminum and steel. Skater dollies are suitable for any camera, from a DSLR to a fully loaded Arri Alexa and any camera in between, including popular Black Magic, Canon, Panasonic, RED and Sony cameras. Rails mount on tripods, junior stands, light/baby/c-stands, 19mm or speedrail legs, baby feet, and various grip alternatives. Compatible with flat mount, 75mm, 100mm, 150mm and Mitchell camera mounts. ● Durable skater plate is designed for additional use as a rigging plate or Hi-Hat ● Wheel modules snap into rails to prevent camera package from tipping over ● Wheel lock prevents unintended run-away motion ● Virtually silent movement ● Compatible with 75 mm, 100 mm, 150 mm and Mitchell mounts ● Dozens of platform mounting/rigging options via industry standard threads: 1/4″-20, 3/8″-16 and 1/2″-13 ● Textured rubber pads on the bottom of end caps enhance stability ● Underslung capability (see accessories) ● Rails mounts on tripods, junior stands, light/baby/c-stands, 19mm or Speedrail legs, large Mitchell camera dollies, baby feet and various grip alternatives ● Made from ¾ inch machined anodized aluminum and stainless steel ● Easy maintenance, rust and corrosion resistant ● Compatible with Hi-Hat from Glide slider dollies

MYT Works: Level 5 Portable Skater Dolly

MYT Works: Camera Mounting Options on our Level 5 Portable Skater Dolly


MYT Works is an engineering and design company company based in New York City specializing in the manufacturing of professional-grade camera slider dollies, nodal heads, and support accessories. ... Every MYT Works component, accessory, and system is carefully designed and constructed to last a lifetime.

Patent # US 9494277


Our camera sliders are the only sliders designed to handle all camera options — from DSLRs to professional cameras of any format. Unlike other sliders, ours does not require center support. Numerous mounting options are also available to accommodate any and all environments. Our wheel bearing modules are designed to forgo the need for lubrication and are machined from the strongest self-lubricating polymer available today.

Their low profile, lightweight, high-load capacity makes our sliders the quickest and easiest to set up on location. They are made of the highest-grade aluminum, brass, and stainless steel milling materials — all corrosion and rust-free.

The quality of motion with our patented hybrid sleeve bearing wheel combination is unsurpassed. It allows for rock-free seamless starts and stops as well as continuous motion at all camera movement speeds. The latch on the carriage is designed for quick release of the Hi-hat with the camera still mounted on the tripod head. This feature allows operators to either continue shooting in Hi-hat mode, in MYT Rover Dolly mode, or in setting the camera down while repositioning the slider for another setup. Structurally, our slider can handle extreme temperatures and the most severe adverse shooting conditions.

The 3-in-1 capability extends to our Skater dolly, enabling a seamless transition from one to another. Both camera slider and skater dolly carriage platforms have a 5.25-inch square spacing insert profile, allowing our Hi-hat to be lifted from our camera slider and instantly mounted on our skater dolly. All our accessories also work for camera sliders and skater dollies.

All our components are designed, engineered, machined and built in-house. Our camera sliders are designed by Filmmakers and Engineers for Filmmakers. It is often the first comment we hear when people first try our sliders. Making sure they can count on a reliable camera linear motion system for years to come is of paramount importance to us. Filmmakers can see and sense our equipment was designed for them by one of them. Hence our motto, Born out of Frustration, our registered Trademark.


MYT Works is a designer, manufacturer and retailer of camera motion equipment. Our company was created as an endeavor of Turn of the Century Pictures, a Manhattan-based film production studio. Our founder’s experience as a filmmaker and his exasperation with existing camera tools led him to collaborate with a team of engineers to create better solutions; thus, MYT Works was Born Out of Frustration.

Our team solves the unique technical dilemmas of camera professionals who seek excellence in camera operation. Our in-house design and manufacturing ensures that we have full quality control to deliver functionality and reliability in our camera motion tools.

Our location in New York City keeps us on the pulse of the industry on all fronts: broadcast, cinema production and independent filmmaking. All of our products are built and serviced at our Brooklyn location.












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