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Gates Underwater Products has designed and manufactured the most durable and dependable underwater video housings in the world since 1969. Commercial divers, marine researchers, professional videographers, salvage operators, military divers, film and TV producers, and recreational divers turn to Gates for the same reason: our "bulletproof" housings produce results 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. That's why they say:
Don't Take a Chance...Take a GATES!


The 80's and 90's brought experience and opportunity.  A masterpiece Sony Betacam housing garnered Elwyn an Emmy for Technical Achievement in 1987 for an episode of  "Spirit of Adventure: Beneath the Sea, the Galapagos" on which Stan Waterman, Bob Sloan and Howard Hall were production crew.
The Sony Betacam was also a harbinger of technology trending toward ever smaller systems like the Sony TRV101 and  PC7 Handycam in 1996.  Elwyn -- against the advice of his friends-- made a small, compact aluminum shelled housing with simple ports.  It took off, selling hundreds of systems -- more than any other model in Gates history.  It did so well that other manufacturers quickly followed with their own flavor housing for the PC7.

After more than three decades of building a reputation for 'bulletproof' housings, Elwyn and Ann sold the company to John and Karen Ellerbrock in 2002.   Building on that solid reputation, Gates today serves the professional markets:  cinema, broadcast, research, military and many others.  Through it all, Gates has stood on a single mantra:

Don't Take a Chance...Take a GATES!


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