testIntegrates xSPINE Vest & GLINK Arms, Supports 13 to 40.5 lb Payload ...

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testIntegrates xSPINE Vest & GLINK Arms, Supports 13 to 40.5 lb Payload, Fits Men & Women, Goofy & Regular, Includes Spring Set to Adjust Resistance.

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Key Features

  • Integrates xSPINE Vest & GLINK Arms
  • Supports 13 to 40.5 lb Payload
  • Fits Men & Women, Goofy & Regular
  • Includes Spring Set to Adjust Resistance

Shooters wishing to add Z-axis isolation to their motorized three-axis gimbal setup can wear the medium GLINK Vest and Arm Stabilization System from FLOWCINE. Its dual spring-loaded arms support a semicircular carbon fiber ring that serves as the mounting point for your gimbal and monitors. The movement damping technology is based on the same design as the xARM, using a set of spring cores to fine-tune the amount of resistance between 16 and 40.5 lb.

The GLINK comes with a set of essentials and extras that allow you to operate a wide variety of camera rigs, including two sets of spring cores, an xSPINE case, a GLINK case, and a docking station.

Weight Transferred to Torso

The medium GLINK is designed to transfer the rig's weight to the shooter's torso and hips, freeing the hands to make finely calculated camera movements. The xSPINE Vest is fully customizable for men and women who shoot either regular or goofy.

Z-Axis Stabilization

Footsteps are smoothed out by vertical movement isolation technology. The spring cores in the GLINK arms provide a gentle resistance that is coordinated with the weight of the rig, enabling your camera to float as smoothly as possible.

Mount onto the Semicircular Carbon Fiber Ring

The semicircular carbon fiber ring is designed to support gimbals like the MoVI Pro and the DJI Ronin 2, which can be centered in the ring or attached in various configurations for higher camera angles. The GLINK can also work with other types of electronic heads or be used without a gimbal via the handheld mount (available separately).

Wide Range of Motion

The linear boom range offered by the rear retraction brackets enables the operator to push the camera up to eye level or towards the floor for low-angle shots. The neutral point of the rig can be balanced in either a high, overslung position or a low, underslung resting position for maximum comfort and control.

In The Box:

1x xSpine Vest

1x Link arms

1x Full CF Ring

1x Spring core Sets

2x CF Ring feet

Packaging Info

Package Weight: 73 lb

Box Dimensions (LxWxH): 31.75 x 28.75 x 19.5“


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The GLINK 1.5 is a new type of high-end gimbal body support system, for those who look for the best! It’s made to work with electronic gimbals such as the Freefly systems M10, M15, MoVI Pro and the DJI Ronin 2.


The GLINK 1.5 is a new type of gimbal body support system that is made to work with electronic gimbals such as the Freefly systems M10, M15, MoVI Pro and the DJI Ronin 2. It can also work with other types of electronic heads such as the Betz Wave, ARRI Trinity, MK-V Omega or just fixed cameras in handheld mode (separate handheld unit mount).

It allows the operator to produce smooth walking and running shots eliminating steps and other axial errors produced from the human body. It includes the Flowcine xSPINE vest, two telescopic mounts with retraction bracket arms, two vertical isolation arms and arm posts, two triaxial gimbals and a carbon fiber ring that serves as the main mounting platform for the electronic gimbals. 

Apart from excellent vertical Z-axis isolation, it also allows the operator to pan at both sides while walking in straight lines, and also offers a very big linear boom range thanks to the retraction brackets at the back allowing the operator to boom all the way from over eye level to low mode camera lens positioning in a straight vertical line.

Both GLINK stabilization arms are based on our already proven xARM technology and offers the smoothest and most effective boom action, with a lift range between 6 – 24.9kg (13 – 55.0lbs).

There is also a docking station that allows you to balance both your camera and gimbal in the system for effortless tilt motion and perfect balance.


The GLINK can accomodate most popular electronic gimbals, such as the Freefly systems M10, M15 and MoVI PRO and the DJI Ronin 2, which can all be mounted directly to the GLINK. And there is also a separate telescopic handheld mount that allows the operator to mount any camera directly on the carbon fiber frame without using any electronic gimbal, to produce organic action stable hand held shots. Electronic gimbals can be mounted over slung or under slung for different height possibilities, and together with our long telescopic arm posts, this can all be combined for super low or high mode camera positioning.


The GLINK system can be fully adjusted to work with different body sizes. The shoulders and sides of the xSPINE have telescopic adjustments that can be set so they fit both large or small operators. And both front and back can be adjustable in height. All pads have extra CELL PE layers to be able to tweak stiffness and thickness of the padding.

The retraction brackets (fore and aft gimbal positioning) section can be adjusted up and down along the xSPINE dovetail for lower or higher shots. The adjustable socket blocks on the retraction brackets can also be telescopically extended in width to adjust clearance from the sides of your body according to your body size.

The socket blocks can be adjusted around tilt to adjust fore and aft position, allowing the gimbal/camera to stay in a given position from the operator’s body.

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