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The Dual Black is, just like its little brother, the Black Complete, a dampening system with a additional vibration mount, for stabilizing roll and tilt errors as well as vertical motion and vibrations. In difference to the Black Complete, the Dual Black is designed to be able to accommodate much larger gimbals and flight heads, like the Freefly MoVI XL for example, and it takes weights up to 64kg / 141lbs.

It ships with the new Tranquilizer XL, all nicely packed in two black flight cases with wheels.

The Dual Black mounts to standard 48-52mm speed rail with the four included clamps. The four clamps can be moved around on the Back plate, allowing for a flexible mounting solution. There is also an option to rig the Dual Black on to a bazooka style mount with the 150mm clamps (sold as an accessory).


The Dual Black ships with the new Tranquilizer XL. It’s a larger and more robust version of the Tranquilizer that is designed to take the load and the much stronger pan motors of the larger gimbals and flight heads.

Just like the Tranquilizer, the Tranquilizer XL has changeable polymer o-rings that dampens the vibrations. By choosing the right o-rings for your setup, you can fine tune the performance and get better results. The Tranquilizer XL also have changeable Pan Barrels. These are the links that run around the unit, and their job is to keep the pan axis dampened separately from the other axes. This way, you can have the pan axis much stiffer, to be able to use the full torque for your gimbals pan motor, without having the gimbal end up in self oscillation.

The Tranquilizer XL ships with Pan Barrels shore 50 and O-rings between shore 40 to 60.


Yes! The Black is a completely modular system, so you can upgrade a Black Complete to a Dual Black by adding the missing modules to your system. We have put together two upgrade kits for you, one where you go all in and upgrade to the full Dual Black including the Tranquilizer XL, and one where you use your anti vibration mount that you normally use with your Black Complete (The Wire AVM or the Tranquilizer).

There is also an “À la carte” menu where you can get all the individual modules and mix and match just as you need, if you, for example, already have two Black Compelets and just need the parts to link them up into a Dual Black. Read more about the Black System here, and see how all the parts links up together.


We have three different packages for the Dual Black. One setup with EVERYTHING you need to get started and two packages for you who already have a Black Complete. For further visualisation of the different modules and kits, see the Black System guide.

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