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IDX : Neuer Akkutyp - Imicro

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IDX : Neuer Akkutyp - Imicro

Imicro : Setting new standards for compact V-lock batteries

Having focussed recently on high capacity, long runtime batteries, IDX acknowledge that there is a demand for compact V-mount batteries and are pleased to announce the launch of the new Imicro range. Available in two capacities, the Imicro-98 weighs in at only 550g and the higher capacity Imicro-150 is still very light at only 750g.

Features have not been sacrificed in the pursuit of compactness. Digital data is available in two modes and two D-Taps are standard with one of them being the advanced D-Tap which permits charging by the compact VL-DT1. The Imicro-98 and the VL-DT1 are the perfect solution for those who need to travel light and if lack of light is a problem, the V-Torch on the battery is a standard feature.

Micro Akku : PDF Download / Datenblatt


About IDX:

 IDX is the world’s leading manufacturer and supplier of batteries, chargers, LED on-board lights, wireless HD video transmission, power supplies and mounting accessories to the broadcast, professional video, audio and portable electronic industry. Established in 1989, IDX employs staff across locations in Japan, USA and Europe to serve a worldwide customer base.


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