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IDX DUO-C 150, neues Familien-Mitglied

IDX DUO-C 150, neues Familien-Mitglied


Adding Another Member To The DUO-C Family, DUO-C150

IDX is proud to announce the newest addition to the DUO Compact battery series. The DUO-C150 will be 3rd member of the family next to the DUO-C98 and the DUO-C198. With 143Wh capacity, it meets the passenger aircraft carry-on limit and can still provide mobile power to cine-style cameras such as the ARRI ALEXA Mini and RED WEAPON effortlessly for extended periods while also powering accessories such as monitors, lights, wireless receivers, tablets, phones and more.

Compared to the current DUO-150, the new DUO-C150 can now handle higher load, with one of the D-Tap port upgraded to D-Tap Advanced (can be used as a charging port when used with the VL-DT1 charger), upgraded to 5 LED indicator for more accurate remainder display (in 10% increments), added V-Torch light for use in dark environments, and SMBus is now a standard feature that provides data in the viewfinder when used with cameras such as by RED.

DUO-C150 will retire the IDX user favorite DUO-150.



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