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:Zacuto C100 EVF Recoil, ZACU_Z-C100ER

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Zacuto C100 EVF Recoil, ZACU_Z-C100ER
Kaufpreis: 1120,-- € netto
Designed for optimal balance and comfort when filming shoulder mounted

VCT Universal Baseplate:
this baseplate has a built-in, curved shoulder pad, a v-wedge tripod connector (with 1/4" 20 and 3/8" 16 screw option), removable, extendable 6.5" iris rods and rows of 1/4" 20 screw holes along the sides for accessories. The recessed rod mount offers maximum accessory capable space under your camera lens.
Zgrip Relocator:
this articulating handgrip incorporates our Grip Relocator for your Canon C100/300 removable control grip. It provides full articulation via lever and our exclusive right-angle cable connects to the port on your camera. Trigger on/off control, lens aperture control, waveform, 1:1 zoom, zebras and more.
C100 Z-Finder Bracket with Axis Mount for C100:
these two items attach to the handle of your C100 camera with 1/4" 20 screws and combine to provide multiple accessory attachment points. Along the top of the Bracket are two 1/4" 20 screw holes alternating with two 3/8" 16 screw holes and the Axis Mount provides a quick-release 15mm rod port for an Axis Mini or articulating arm.

The shoulder-mounted C100 EVF Recoil includes our VCT Universal baseplate and a C100 Z-Finder Bracket that attaches to the C100 camera handle to provide multiple secure accessory mounts. Our Grip Relocator positions camera control at a comfortable, convenient handgrip.

This is a Next Generation Recoil rig designed for optimal balance and comfort when shoulder mounted or on a tripod. With lenses and cameras being similar weights, the balance point is where the lens meets the camera body. In a Recoil rig, the balance point needs to be directly over your shoulder which puts the camera behind you. This requires focus, monitoring and camera controls to be relocated forward, creating a lighter and shorter rig.

PLEASE NOTE: This rig requires the addition of a monitor or Zacuto EVF.

Recommended Accessories:
Z-Finder EVF Pro
Axis Mini (with optional Quad Rail)
Zamerican Articulating Arm
Z-Drive follow focus with Tornado