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:Microdolly Suction Mount Kit #1487, Saugstativ Traglast bis 25kg empfohlen, aus Demo Bestand

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Microdolly Suction Mount Kit #1487, Saugstativ Traglast bis 25kg empfohlen, aus Demo Bestand
Kaufpreis: 1975,-- € netto oder :preisanfrage »

mit Koffer, auch als Schulterstativ einsetzbar, sehr flexibel.
Auflageschalen 75mm und 100mm sind separat erhältlich.

Microdolly Hollywood - Suction mount kit (Car (vehicle) limpet mount, #1487

This is without a doubt the best engineered and most versatile kit for mounting professional camcorders onto cars, boats or any other non-porous surface!

The Suction Mount Kit uses three strong suction cups, six universal joint clamps
and a set of six rods that connect in seconds to mount a camera or light almost

The Mount weighs just six pounds (2.6 kg) and is ideal to position a video or film
camera on a moving vehicle. A lighting spud and camera plate are also included,
along with a stainless steel safety cable. A large base plate provides an additional mounting surface if needed.

The Suction Mount Kit comes in a heavy-duty metal reinforced custom case that
doubles as a camera platform for low angle shots. Total holding force is 200 pounds. (90kg) Maximum recommended camera weight is 50 pounds. (25kg)