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:Microdolly Ladder Dolly Kit #1540

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Microdolly Ladder Dolly Kit #1540
Kaufpreis: 775,-- € netto

Microdolly Hollywood - Ladder Dolly Kit includes clamp set, T-bar, 4 x adjustable feet, 2 x tripod adaptor plates and nylon bag (p/n 1540)

The Micrdolly Ladder Dolly Kit allows the Micrdolly Camera Dolly Track to be mounted onto any length extension ladder. This provides support for your dolly, track and camera to move across a ditch or stream, go down a stairwell, or even move from inside through the windows to outside a car or boat! It’s a great tool to help you make those “How did they do that?” shots.

The Ladder Dolly Kit comes with a clamp set to attach track to the ladder, and a telescoping Camera Dolly T-Bar to adapt the Dolly to any ladder width. The Kit also comes with four adjustable feet for surface mounting and includes two Tripod Adapter Plates to mount the ladder to a tripod. The Ladder Dolly Kit is made of military spec, hard-anodized aluminum/titanium. All necessary fittings are made of stainless steel. It stores and travels in its own sturdy black ballistic nylon bag.

Net Weight: 4 lbs. (1.81 kg)